UTIPP-Q pilot will transition to permanent service

UTIPP Q pilot alert web image

PDL is pleased to provide further information to pharmacists practising in Queensland about the UTIPP-Q pilot program and recent announcements.

The following advice is directed to all Qld pharmacists and pharmacies, and provided by the consortium overseeing the UTIPP-Q pilot program.

The Queensland Minister for Health and Ambulance Services made an announcement late last Thursday that the UTI service as set out in the UTIPP-Q pilot program was to be made permanent.

This is exciting news for Queensland pharmacists and Queensland women. The Minister’s media release is available here.

However, there are a few steps that still need to occur before the regulatory and implementation processes are completed.

Until these steps are finalised this service can only be provided by a trained and approved UTIPP-Q pharmacist in an approved UTIPP-Q pharmacy.

All UTIPP-Q pharmacists and pharmacies must continue to operate under the UTIPP-Q service conditions.

What does this mean for UTIPP-Q pharmacists and pharmacies?

  • A trained and approved UTIPP-Q pharmacist will be able to continue to provide the UTIPP-Q service in an approved UTIPP-Q pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy and pharmacist can continue to offer the service according to the UTIPP-Q protocol as there is no change in criteria.
  • Pharmacists must continue recording the service in the GuildCare module, including the required patient follow-up.
  • If an approved pharmacist changes pharmacies, they will need to ensure the new pharmacy is an approved UTIPP-Q site before offering the service.
  • If the pharmacy changes pharmacists or employs a new pharmacist during this period, the pharmacist will have to complete the UTIPP-Q training and be approved to offer the service.

We appreciate the hard work of all UTIPP-Q pharmacists and pharmacy owners. Your dedication and commitment to the UTIPP-Q pilot has again highlighted the contribution and value pharmacists can offer to the Queensland community.

We look forward to your ongoing support in 2022 as we finalise this important work

For immediate advice and incident support, call PDL on 1300 854 838 to speak with one of our Professional Officers. We are here to support our pharmacist members 24/7, Australia-wide.