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PDL’s vision is to be the organisation of choice for professional risk management and support for pharmacists.  Therefore, we value your feedback on how we are doing in realising our vision. Have your say by completing the feedback form below or contacting us on 1300 854 838.


PDL’s complaints and dispute resolution process

Our commitment to you

At PDL, we are committed to delivering the highest quality service to our members. We do this by developing strong individual relationships, having great communication and being accessible to our members 24/7. We have an organisational culture focused on exceeding member expectations. However, disputes may still arise. We have therefore developed the following Complaints and Dispute Resolution process which is fair, efficient and accessible to all our members.

PDL’s complaints and dispute process

The PDL Complaints and Dispute Resolution Process applies to all complaints and disputes arising from the services that we provide to our members and any action or omission by us or our service providers. It includes complaints and disputes about:

  • Any aspect of our service
  • Denial of an application for cover or claim by our underwriter, Guild Insurance Limited*
  • Our service partners e.g. Guild Insurance Limited and their lawyers*, Attvest, our monthly payment option loan provider etc
  • Gaining access to information we hold about you to provide you with your membership benefits
  • Financial hardship claims
  • Debt collection by Us from third parties

* If the complaint relates to services provided by Guild Insurance Limited, the complaint will need to be referred to them and be subject to their dispute resolution process.

For privacy-related complaints, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

PDL’s dispute resolution objectives
  • Simple and efficient procedure
  • Speedy resolution of disputes
  • Open and transparent communication
  • Fair and reasonable outcome
  • Easy access by participants

If you would like to make a complaint, please phone us on 1300 854 838 and speak to one of our member service officers, who will do their best to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at and we will acknowledge your complaint with 24 business hours. If our member service officers are not able to resolve your complaint, they will refer the complaint to PDL’s Operations Manager.

The PDL Operations Manager will respond to your complaint within 15 business days provided that they have all the information necessary to deal with your complaint. If they require further information or need to refer the matter to one of PDL’s service providers, they may need to agree on an alternative timeframe with you.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved by the PDL Operations Manager, you can request that the matter be referred to PDL’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who will treat your complaint as a dispute and endeavour to resolve it.


A dispute is defined as ‘an unresolved complaint’ conveyed to PDL, together with a request that we remedy the situation.  A dispute has arisen when:

  • you advise that a dispute has arisen and request that the matter be dealt with by the CEO;
  • you are asked by us whether or not you wish the matter to be dealt with by the CEO as a dispute and you request us to do so; or
  • we of our own instigation refer the matter to the CEO as a dispute.

The Dispute Resolution Process is available at no cost to you. We will keep you fully informed throughout the process and will reply to you within 15 business days provided we have sufficient information to deal with the dispute. Where we need further information, we will agree on an alternative timeframe with you.

External dispute resolution

If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 30 days, we will inform you of the reasons for the delay and provide you with information about external dispute resolution options that are available to you that you may wish to pursue. These include:

  • the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (we will provide details of this service, which applies in the instance of disputes regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information)
  • the formal legal process, including:
    • the courts
    • mediation
    • arbitration
    • small claims tribunals