Our Partners

Our partnerships support us so we can better support the Australian pharmacy profession

Our service partners

The Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company Pty Ltd (APPco) is a 100% owned subsidiary of PDL. APPco is the publisher of the Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP) and supplies a range of ongoing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

PDL’s Pharmacists’ Liabilities Insurance Master Policy (PDL Master Policy) is underwritten by Guild Insurance. Guild has been providing insurance to pharmacists for over 50 years and has collaborated with PDL to help yield liability cover for individual pharmacists across Australia.

Meridian Lawyers partnered with PDL a number of years ago. Their specialist knowledge of the pharmacy profession has contributed to PDL’s risk minimisation and they continue to be a pillar of support when it comes to the legalities of claim protection.

Who we partner with in the pharmacy landscape

PDL is on a continual pursuit for advancement in the pharmacy profession. We collaborate with other peak body organisations through shared projects and sponsorship to fund research, training programs and events.