PDL was founded on a need for greater pharmacy support and protection. That was 110 years ago in a small Victorian town by the name of Echuca. Today we are Australia’s leading member-based pharmacist organisation carrying on our founding legacy through nationwide support services.

We have a long-standing history in pharmacy – providing market-leading cover to Australian pharmacists and supporting organisations through initiatives designed to enhance and improve the professional experience.

Our History

One hundred and ten years ago pharmacists were exposed to claims, fraudulent or justified. One particular case triggered the establishment of PDL by Victorian pharmacist Frank Buckhurst, who wanted to ensure pharmacists were protected from such claims throughout their professional life.


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Victorian pharmacist Frank Buckhurst established Pharmaceutical Defence Limited in Echuca after a pharmacist was accused and considered liable for unskilful treatment.

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1916 & 1928

In 1916 PDL arranged to send the Australian Journal of Pharmacy to its members and in 1928 the Pharmacy Guild of Australia was formed.

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The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme was introduced under a Coalition government, with the introduction of 139 life-saving and disease-preventing drugs.

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PDL’s Jubilee celebrated 50 years of active service to the pharmacy profession and now providing support to 3,500 Australian pharmacist members.

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The Guide to Good Dispensing was distributed to all members as a preventative tool to help reduce risk in pharmacy.

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The negotiation of the first Five Year Community Pharmacy Agreement with the government.

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PDL became the sole owner of the Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company, the organisation behind the Australian Journal of Pharmacy.

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PDL’s Centenary – which saw its Board of Directors organise a year-long schedule of events and giveaways.

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We support over 31,000 Australian pharmacists from across the profession and are still 100% owned by our members.

Hear from our customers

At PDL, we are committed to delivering the highest quality service to our members. We do this by developing strong individual relationships, having great communication and being accessible to our members 24/7. We have an organisational culture focused on exceeding member expectations. However, disputes may still arise. We have therefore developed the following Complaints and Dispute Resolution process which is fair, efficient and accessible to all our members.

“Always lovely to deal with. The advice given is always well explained and presented clearly. Very prompt to answer queries and deal with incidents”

March 2023

“Explained everything thoroughly and clearly, and gave me their full support with anything that “may” eventuate. Highly recommend!”

March 2023

“Operator was courteous and provided very practical suggestions for conflict resolution”

February 2023

“Fantastic customer service. Put me at ease, alleviated my concerns and gave me the exact next steps to move forward”

February 2023

We value your feedback and are dedicated to continuously improving our membership support.