PDL Student Grant Program

Terms and conditions

The purpose of this Program is to provide assistance to selected individual pharmacy students to attend a recognised conference or event, to enhance their education and training as a future pharmacist and to support the pharmacy industry of Australia.

  • Applications must be submitted via the online PDL Student Grant Application Form. 
  • Applications for funding will be considered for recognised conferences or events in pharmacy, business, leadership or other area of professional development deemed relevant, and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 
  • PDL reserves the right to not accept applications that are incomplete, received within two months of the proposed event date or for an event that has already occurred at the time of submission. 
  • Applicants must be an existing PDL member at the time of submission. 
  • Applicants must be undertaking their study at an Australian University for a minimum of two semesters to be eligible for the Grant. 
  • Grant recipients are expected to maintain an active PDL membership until the completion of their first two years as a registered pharmacist (complimentarily given as part of this Grant). 
  • The recipient must be willing to undertake a phone interview with a member of the Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP) or nominated PDL representative within 14 days of attendance at the event or conference, the written article of which is to be published in the AJP and its supporting publications, all PDL communications channels and others at PDL’s discretion, without the prior consent of the recipient. 
  • The recipient must be willing to engage in promotional activities of the PDL Student Grant Program when possible, including but not limited to interview and photo opportunities and testimonials about the PDL Student Grant Program. 
  • The recipient must submit a final incidentals expense report to PDL for reimbursement within three months of attending the conference or event. The final expenses must not exceed the amount requested in the Grant Application by more than 10%. 
  • PDL reserves the right to revoke the offer if any information supplied in the application is found to be incorrect or false. 
  • Any grants awarded are conditional on leave from the University being approved. 
  • The grants awarded are valid for up to two years from the awarded date but may only be redeemed once. 

These conditions apply to all recipients of PDL Grants through the PDL Student Grant Program. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the cancellation of the Grant and potential for reimbursement to PDL of any costs already incurred.

Assessment Criteria

Read  the PDL Student Grant Program Assessment Criteria to ensure you have included all the required attachments with your application and to see how you will be assessed.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please email us at grants@pdl.org.au or call 1300 854 838 during business hours (9am-5pm AEST).