Therapy & Counselling Expenses

The following PDL member benefit is subject to the definitions, exclusions and conditions set out below.

PDL will pay on your behalf, but subject to our prior agreement, any gap payment for therapy and counselling expenses up to $1,000 in any given membership period:

  • incurred by you following your notification to us of an inquiry into the performance of your professional services as a pharmacist; and
  • provided that the inquiry was notified to us during the membership period; and
  • provided the underwriter of the PDL Master Policy has agreed to indemnify you for your costs and expenses resulting from your response or attendance at the inquiry.

This member benefit does not give rise to any right or duty to defend you or to pay costs and expenses on your behalf.


Wherever the following words or terms appear in bold in this member benefit, they mean what is set out below:

Therapy And Counselling Expenses

Therapy and counselling expenses means therapy and counselling fees incurred by you in a mental health treatment plan.

Mental Health Treatment Plan

Mental health treatment plan means your receipt of mental health services for an assessed mental disorder pursuant to a referral under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (Better Access) Initiative by:

  • a GP managing you under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan; or
  • under a referred psychiatrist assessment and management plan; or
  • a psychiatrist.
Gap Payment

Gap Payment is the amount in excess of the Medicare rebate for which you are liable.


Inquiry means an investigation, examination or inquiry by a regulatory authority or disciplinary committee of any association or professional body of which you are a member.


Pre-Existing Conditions

We will not cover you for any mental disorder that you knew you had prior to the inception date of your PDL membership.