UTIPP-Q pilot transition to EPA

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Pharmacists practising in Queensland are advised the UTIPP-Q pilot has finished and the Urinary Tract Infection Community Pharmacy Service is now allowed under the Pharmacists Extended Practice Authority (EPA). Pharmacists and pharmacies can now offer the UTI service according to the provisions of the EPA.

The following update from Professor Lisa Nissen on behalf of the consortium managing the pilot provides further context.

Thank-you to all the pharmacists and pharmacies who have made the UTIPP-Q pilot such a great success.

I am reaching out to provide an important update.

People may be aware that on 26 September 2022 Version 2 of the Pharmacists Extended Practice Authority (EPA) was tabled in Parliament. Version 2 of the Pharmacists EPA allows any community pharmacist who has completed the required training, to sell and supply specified medicines without a prescription for the treatment of women aged between 18 and 65 years presenting with symptoms of an uncomplicated UTI. The amendment to the EPA, which commenced on 1 October 2022, transitions the UTIPP-Q model of care for the treatment of UTI by community pharmacists to usual practice.

What does this mean for you?

We will no longer be enrolling pharmacists or pharmacies into the UTIPP-Q pilot and this pathway will not be required to participate in UTI service provision.

New pharmacists and pharmacies can begin offering the service according to the provisions in the EPA.

Existing UTIPP-Q pharmacists and pharmacies:

• You will be able to continue to provide the UTIPP-Q service you currently provide – however will no longer be required to “consent patients” to collect their data for the research evaluation, or undertake the 7 day follow-up.
• However, to enable full completion of the UTIPP-Q data set, you will need to collect the 7 day follow-up information for any patients you provided a service for up to and including 30 September 2022.
• You will need to continue to offer the service according to relevant practice standards – there is no change to the criteria.
• You will need to continue recording the details of the service e.g. patient history, actions taken etc. however you are not required to do so in the Guildlink module.

We appreciate the hard work of all UTIPP-Q pharmacists and pharmacies. Your dedication and commitment to the UTIPP-Q pilot has again highlighted the contribution and value pharmacists play in the health and healthcare of the Queensland community and made this transition to an ongoing service possible.

Thank-you again for everything you have contributed.

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