Moderna Spikevax vaccine approved for children 6-11 years

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The ATAGI approval of Moderna Spikevax for the primary vaccination of children 6-11 years provides more options for families and pharmacists. Read the ATAGI statement.

Key points include:

  • There is NO paediatric formulation. It is the same Moderna Spikevax formulation used for patients 12 years and older.
  • The dose is 50µg (0.25ml) for children 6-11 years i.e. HALF the primary dose for patients 12 years and over.
  • The dose is the same as the booster dose (50µg – 0.25ml) approved for people 18 years and over (at time of publication).
  • The recommended schedule for Moderna in children 6-11 years is two doses (50µg – 0.25ml) 8 weeks apart.
  • This interval may be shortened to a minimum of 4 weeks for children at risk of moderate to severe COVID-19 in special circumstances – see Clinical Guidance information.
  • A booster dose is not recommended for this age group.
  • A third primary dose is recommended for severely immunocompromised children 2 months after the second primary dose.
  • It is not recommended that the primary dose for children is a mixed schedule of Pfizer Comirnaty and Moderna Spikevax.
  • If the child turns 12 years after the first primary dose of Moderna Spikevax, they should receive the adolescent/adult dose of 100µg (0.5ml).
  • A new consent form for Moderna Spikevax for children 6-11 years has been published.
  • As with all vaccines, ensure your State or Territory legislation allows for vaccination in this age range. ATAGI approval does not mean automatic allowance in every jurisdiction. At the time of publication, the NT and Tasmanian legislation do not allow for the Moderna vaccine to be administered to children 6-11 years.

PDL suggests the following to minimise the risk of an incident:

  • Pfizer Comirnaty Orange cap formulation is the ONLY vaccine approved for children from 5 years of age. DO NOT VACCINATE A 5-6 YEAR OLD CHILD WITH MODERNA SPIKEVAX. Always check the AIR prior to vaccinating every patient to confirm vaccination history and age.
  • Separate and identify those vaccines prepared as full dose 100µg (0.5ml) from the half dose 50µg (0.25ml) used for children 6-11 years and as boosters for 18 years & over. Consider different colour coding, storage locations and vaccination times for full dose and half dose vaccines.
  • Complete the training module for Moderna Spikevax in children 6-11 years before commencing administration of this vaccine.

For immediate advice and incident support, call PDL on 1300 854 838 to speak with one of our Professional Officers. We are here to support our pharmacist members 24/7, Australia-wide.