Notice of 111th Annual General Meeting websize image

Notice of 111th Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 111th Annual General Meeting of Pharmaceutical Defence Limited will be a hybrid meeting, both in person at Suite 3,

R U OK Day LinkedIn

Are you ok?

The annual R U OK?Day is a reminder that a conversation can change a life.  So, PDL would like to take a moment to check

Recognising when a pharmacist needs support webiste image 1

Recognising when a pharmacist needs support

PDL Professional Officers continue to receive enquiries and incident reports that have contributing factors such as pressure, stress, workload or fatigue. PDL recognises the high

Protecting patient privacy website image

Protecting patient privacy

Pharmacists are in a unique position of trust. That trust requires pharmacists to respect and protect the privacy of those under their care. Patient information

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The art of saying sorry

Meridian Lawyers issue state and territory-specific guides It’s OK to say sorry. Pharmacists are human beings and fallible, so despite their best efforts, adverse events

The real impact of 60 day dispensing website image

The real impact of 60-day dispensing

PDL supports the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s efforts in urging the Federal Government to consult with pharmacy on the real impact of 60-day dispensing. Citing

A vaccination update website image

A vaccination update

Each year pharmacies routinely see an increase in demand for vaccination services as winter approaches. The recent surge in demand for pharmacist-administered vaccines has also

Practising good dispensing website image 1

Practising ‘good’ dispensing

PDL has recently updated the Guide to Good Dispensing to reflect changes in the dispensing process that have arisen from changes in technology and legislation,

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