Notice of 111th Annual General Meeting

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Notice is hereby given that the 111th Annual General Meeting of Pharmaceutical Defence Limited will be a hybrid meeting, both in person at Suite 3, Level 34 North Tower, 80 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 and online via Microsoft Teams, on Thursday, the 19th of October 2023 at 11:00am AEDT when the attendance of members is requested.

Ordinary Business

  1. To confirm the Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting which took place on the 20th of October 2022.
  2. To receive and consider and deal with the Financial Statements and Statutory Reports for the year ended 30th June 2023.
  3. To confirm the election of Directors duly elected in accordance with Clause 17 of the Constitution.
    There were no elections required this year under Clause 17 of the Constitution.
  4. To fix the remuneration of the Directors.
  5. To elect Honorary Life Members as recommended by the Directors.

The PDL Board has nominated three members for Honorary Life Membership in recognition of their service to PDL and the pharmacy profession: Lynette Banner, John Guy and Curtis Ruhnau.

Lynette (Lyn) Banner was the PDL Director for South Australia and the Northern Territory from 2012 to 2018. Her six years on the Board of Directors was during a period of great progress for the organisation, seeing the adoption of new technology and enhanced engagement with PDL’s pharmacist members. Prior to joining the Board, Lyn was a longstanding PDL South Australian Local Advisory Committee (LAC) member.

John Guy first joined PDL on the Victorian Local Advisory Committee in 1987. He became the chair of the LAC in 2011 and was elected to the Board of Directors the same year, serving as Victorian Director for three years before stepping down to take on the newly-created role of Professional Officer in 2014. John retired from PDL and stepped down from his role chairing the LAC in late 2022, after 35 years of service to PDL.

Curtis Ruhnau joined the PDL Local Advisory Committee for NSW/ACT in 2008 and was appointed PDL NSW/ACT Director in December 2013, a role he retired from in June last year. Curtis has a keen interest in mental health and self-care for pharmacists and is the PDL representative on the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS) Board.

Other Business

To transact any business which, under the Corporations Act 2001 or the Constitution, is required to be transacted at an Annual General Meeting.


An eligible member who is unable to attend the meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote. That person need not be a member of the Company but should be a natural person over the age of 18 years. Proxy forms may be downloaded from the PDL website. Completed, signed Proxy forms must be lodged at the Registered Office of the Company by 11am Monday, 16th October 2023. Proxy forms to be emailed to or the original to be mailed to PDL, Suite 3, Level 34 North Tower, 80 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000.

Virtual participation

If you would like to attend the meeting online, please contact so that we can send you a meeting invitation.

Annual Report

The PDL 2023 Annual Report will be available on the PDL website from Thursday 28 September. Please be advised this will only be provided in hard copy upon written/emailed request.

Yours faithfully,
Glen Oliver

Company Secretary
Pharmaceutical Defence Limited